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Hotel Villa Claudia’s Philosophy: Healthy and peaceful holiday

The 2-star Hotel Villa Claudia in Bellaria for over fourty years has been directly managed by the Gradara family who, recently, has embraced a new environmentally friendly philosophy.

“For a serene and aware holiday” this is the slogan that, in recent years, has driven all the choices taken by the hotel staff, whose priority has always been the friendliness and helpfulness towards the needs of guests, especially families with children.

Aware holidays

The owners aim primarily to improve the menu in terms of quality: the breakfast is almost exclusively organic and non-GMO, with bread, pastries and biscuits homemade with organic flour or spelt flour, and is conceived and made with natural products, eliminating the polluting single-dose food.

The menu is conceived for a healthy and tasty nutrition; every day you can choose among summer dishes, vegetarian dishes, Romagna dishes and foreign dishes (like paella or couscous).  Our pasta is exclusively organic; on certain days you can choose among spelt, kamut or semi-whole pasta.

Vegan dishes every day. At every meal, buffet of fresh vegetables, mostly freshly picked, coming from the farm of Aunt Gabriella.

Every day, Pietro buys high quality products that are freshly picked, delicious, very healthy and free of toxic chemicals.

The meat is the result of a careful selection and is of top quality but you can instead choose to eat fish every day. The hot side dishes are as much as possible seasonal. The hotel has joined Legambiente Tourism and Greentourism and follows faithfully their directives. The hot side dishes are as much as possible seasonal and fresh. There is a daily choice of cold dishes suitable to face the summer heat.

As for children, the kitchen staff is available to prepare baby food.

Every day the cook Ramona prepares broth with fresh vegetables exclusively aimed at children; mothers can choose whether to prepare baby food by themselves or have it prepared by the kitchen staff.

The hotel has joined Legambiente Tourism and Green Tourism and closely follows their directives involving many wonderful initiatives to protect both the environment and guest’s nutrition.

A serene holiday

For years the holder has been following a health and environmentally friendly philosophy of life, distancing himself from a mass culture and trying to convey this experience in the hotel management.

The atmosphere is very familiar, guests feel like at home, kids can play freely.

The hotel is designed to pursue these objectives: it is directly on the sea in a very quiet location, in a street that leads directly to the beach, open only to cars bound for the hotel; children can therefore play safely.

The hotel is surrounded by a large garden, where to find somewhere cool after a day at the beach, in the shade of the porch.  Guests can park their cars in the private parking lot, in the shade of the trees.

The staff follows the owner’s philosophy: the waiters joke at the table and play with children.

We love to pamper out guests and our main purpose is to make them go back home relaxed, with a wonderful memory of the holiday and with the desire to come back next year.

An healthy and peaceful holiday

Ran for over thirty-five years by the Gradara family, the Hotel Villa Claudia has embraced a new environmentally friendly philosophy...

Eco Hotel

We reduce the impact of our activities on the environment in order to offer more aware and quality holidays.

Vegan and vegetarian cuisine

The use of foods from organic farming, the rejection of GMOs and the selection of zero km products allow us to create great dishes, ideal for all the guests.

Directly on the seaside

A stone's throw from the sea, with no roads to cross to get to the beach.

Estate in Serenità e Sicurezza