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Hotel Villa Claudia: Eco Hotel


The property of Villa Claudia Hotel, always attentive and sensitive to the environment around us, from time became part of the ecological hotels Legambiente and Green Tourism. The objective of Villa Claudia is to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and encourage green holidays.

In order to achieve this result the hotel recycle all its garbage, has adopted systems of energy and water savingswhile, at the same time, invite staff and customers to a responsible use of resources.

In addition, the hotel uses ecological detergents, has soundproof environments to contain noise, promotes travel by public transport, offers its guests bicycles and gives information about events, monuments and areas of artistic, natural and historical heritage.

In addition to this the kitchen of hotel Villa Claudia in Bellaria uses organically grown foods, fresh fruits and vegetables from organic farming or integrated pest management, and rejects the use of GMOs.

Since 2001, thanks to the Villa Claudia, and other hotels sensitive to environmental protection, Bellaria is distinguished for having successfully implemented and developed all the objectives that underlie the Legambiente Decalogue.

An healthy and peaceful holiday

Ran for over thirty-five years by the Gradara family, the Hotel Villa Claudia has embraced a new environmentally friendly philosophy...

Eco Hotel

We reduce the impact of our activities on the environment in order to offer more aware and quality holidays.

Vegan and vegetarian cuisine

The use of foods from organic farming, the rejection of GMOs and the selection of zero km products allow us to create great dishes, ideal for all the guests.

Directly on the seaside

A stone's throw from the sea, with no roads to cross to get to the beach.

Estate in Serenità e Sicurezza