Discover Romagna’s hinterland and its events, Hotel Villa Claudia in Bellaria.

Romagna is a land to live and discover, step by step, being fascinated by its views and by the ancient beauty of its landscapes. Driving the roads in search of a typical restaurant and discover an enchanting patch, walking along the small roads of medieval villages and stop to admire cats running after each other, jumping from a wall to another, sitting on a bench to contemplate the sea shimmering on the horizon and enjoy the light breeze refreshing the evening air. Many small villages are waiting for you, to narrate you the ancient tales and show their cultural and wine & food traditions.

Come to admire the ancient Castle of Gradara, made famous by the as sad as romantic tale of the two unlucky lovers Paolo and Francesca; you should also visit San Leo, clinging at the top of a rock,from which you can enjoy a full view of the blue Adriatic coast; enter the Castle ofMontebello to follow the traces of Azzurrina, the ghost baby believed to live inside the manor and manifest herself in the summer nights or visit the imposing Malatesta Fortress of Montefiore Conca, overlooking the valley; abandon yourselves to the relaxing Baths of Montegrimano to rediscover the wellness; join in the most famous costume festivals of the riviera in Saludecio with its “Palio del Daino” and Mondaino where every year takes place the’800 Festival.

The Marches and Romagna’s hinterland is rich of magic and enchanting places to discover: allow yourselves a stop in these dreamlands!