Hotel with homemade typical Romagna cuisine, Hotel Villa Claudia Bellaria


The cuisine of Hotel Villa Claudia really respects the environment, while not sacrificing the taste: the use of foods from organic farming, the rejection of GMOs, the use of local products, allows us to prepare excellent dishes, perfect for all our guests.

The rich breakfast, based on natural genuine and largely homemade products, will allow you to wake up with a new harmony, smiling at life, before a relaxing day spent at the beach or discovering the most beautiful places of Romagna’s hinterland, where to rediscover the ancient traditions forgotten by now.

And when you come back from the beach or from a day-trip, you can taste our best dishes: exclusively organic pasta, even semi-whole pasta, kamut pasta or spelt pasta, to always ensure the maximum flavor.

Do not miss the rich buffet of vegetables from the land of Aunt Gabriella: we choose only fresh, natural and partly biological vegetables, coming from a small vegetable garden personally looked after by Aunt Gabriella, who grows vegetables with love, without using harmful substances.

On the menu there are always cold platters to face the summer heat even at the table. Fish lovers will find their favorite food every day in the menu.

Hotel Villa Claudia offers the possibility to prepare baby food: our cook Ramona prepares every day the broth of fresh vegetables, excellent as a base for light and tasty food.